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As it’s meant to be an introduction to Spark AR Studio I wanted to make something accessible. This effect only takes a few minutes to make, creators can do it with their existing designs (or not) and it covers one of the most used features - the face tracker. I contemplated covering the patch editor as it’s quite a big part of Spark AR, but think it would be best suited for another video. The aim here is to hopefully inspire creators to explore more of Spark AR and take their ideas into this exciting new reality. You can download the Spark AR project here.

A few proof of concepts for an idea I had in response to covid where people could Stay Home And Drive a Ford Mustang. 

Road proceduraly generated in AE using fractal noises. Other assets made in AI. Functionality built in Spark AR Studio. ~3.2MB

Background generated using lengstrom's fast style transfer. ImageOptim for jpg compression. 3D model poly reduction/ clean up done in Cinema 4D. Functionality built in Spark AR Studio's patch editor. ~3.9MB

We wanted Ford Fans in Europe to use the new Instagram Reels feature to show off their car so I created this colour filter based effects with a 3D placeable tag that can be toggled off. Tag made in AI, extruded in Cinema 4D. Everything else is Spark AR Studio. ~2.5MB

Animations made with After Effects shape layers, offset paths and deep glow. Jpg Compression in ImageOptim. Functionality in Spark AR Studio ~2.5MB

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