AR work

Geometry created in C4D, Functionality in Spark AR Studio. Scripting SDK built by AREYES Studio

Built for Snapchat and Instagram for people to see the new All-Electric Ford Mach-E in their favourite space. Built in Lens Studio. Materials in substance painter. Icons in AI & PS.

Road proceduraly generated in AE using fractal noises. Other assets made in AI. Functionality built in Spark AR Studio. ~3.2MB

Background generated using lengstrom's fast style transfer. ImageOptim for jpg compression. 3D model poly reduction/ clean up done in Cinema 4D. Functionality built in Spark AR Studio's patch editor. ~3.9MB

We wanted Ford Fans in Europe to use the new Instagram Reels feature to show off their car so I created this colour filter based effects with a 3D placeable tag that can be toggled off. Tag made in AI, extruded in Cinema 4D. Everything else is Spark AR Studio. ~2.5MB

Animations made with After Effects shape layers, offset paths and deep glow. Jpg Compression in ImageOptim. Functionality in Spark AR Studio ~2.5MB

© Hugo van den Doel. Made with ♥ in London.